Birala Rupaka (A Rare Fable)

Paramita’s creative ability scaled unimaginable heights through the stories complied in the collection Birala Rupaka. The stories in this compilation, ridden with reality, novelties and pathos are spread over an amazingly broad canvas dealing with almost every sphere of human life and living. Application of appropriate imagery, adeptness in blending the real with imaginary and elasticity in style, distinguish Paramita’s stories from those of the contemporary writers. The stories aspire to compete with one another on daring genuineness, intense human sensitivity and extraordinary ornamentation of language. The shallowness of relationships, the anguish of modern age, the deformity of human values, the eternal ecstasy of love and the aspiration for the spiritual are essential ingredients of the stories. Among many accolades, this book has been conferred with the Orissa Sahitya Akademi Award for 2006.Birala Rupaka is a rare creative contribution to Oriya fiction and can claim adequate relevance in the domain of contemporary Indian Literature with ease.